Foundation work is the core business of Malina Solar Structures. Independent of purpose, our foundation systems can be used with all kinds of soil and any incline of terrain. There are many different types of soil foundations around the world; let us match your project site's foundation with the correct ground screws to protect your structure from shifting, sinking, or even heaving fro‍‍‍m frost.

Ground screws are produced to the customer's needs and are suitable for all mounting systems. Malina Solar Structures provides full service, including:

  • Years of experience
  • High quality materials
  • The latest know-how
  • Own production capabilities
  • Internally developed machines for turning, drilling and chiseling
  • Foundation systems without concrete for all frame types:
    • Temporary structures and buildings
    • Structures (lightweight, metal, timber)
    • Metal and timber construction
    • Gardening and landscaping (pond bridges, visual and  noise protection, terraces)
    • Traffic technology and advertising (signs and lighting)






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