For all terrain types, soils and corrosion classifications


Available in all diameters and lengths            

Customized solutions possible

Load Capacity

Loadable up to 100kN                                          

We can accommodate by providing various thicknesses for the desired load capacity in your geographical area

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Each ground screw is offered with lengths of 500mm, 1000mm, 2000mm, 2500mm, and 3000mm.

Our ground screws come in various lengths and diameters. Click the links below to download the drawings for each ground screw.

Our ground screws are the best alternative to concrete foundations on the market. They are developed to function in any type of soil classification and to withstand high loads. The ground screws are made from one piece of steel, which helps them achieve maximum stability and allows for innovative foundations.

‍‍‍Type ‍‍‍of Soil

Soil Description

Product Recommendation

Topsoil, first layer of soil which contains non-organic substances as well as humus and organisms found in ‍‍‍soil.

Type 1

Flowing or soft types, from liquid to viscous texture, which make it difficult to get‍‍‍ rid of the water.

Typ‍‍‍e 2

Easily soluble soil types, from non- to low-cohesive sand, gravel and sand-gravel mixtures with up to 15% of the weight from mixtures of silt and clay and a maximum of 30% of the weight coming from stones with a grain size over 63mm and with a volume of up to 0.01m². Organic soils with a consistency better than pulp or peat.

Type 3

Moderately soluble soil types; with a share of more than 15%  of the weight from mixtures of sand, gravel, silt, and clay; cohesive soils of low to medium plasticity; at the most 30% of the weight consisting of larger rocks with a grain size over 63mm and with a volume of up to 0.01m².‍‍‍

Type 4

Soil types that are tough to penetrate; similar soil according to the soil classification 3 and 4, but with more than 30% of the weight from stones larger with a grain size over 63mm grain and with a volume of up to 0.01m². S‍‍‍imilarly, non-cohesive to cohesive soils with more than 30% of the weight from stones with a volume between 0.01m² to 0.1m² and distinctive plastic clays that are soft to firm, depending on the water content.

Type ‍‍‍5

Rocks which have an inner mineral bound cohesion, but are strongly crevassed, brittle, crumbly, slated, soft or weathered as well as comparably solidified cohesive and non-cohesive soils, such as those caused by drying, freezing or chemical bonds; non-cohesive and cohesive soils with more than 30% of the weight from the rocks with a volume over 0.01m² to 0.1m².‍‍‍

Type‍‍‍ 6

Difficult to penetrate rock, rock type that has an inner mineral-bound cohesion and high structural strength and are only slightly creased or weathered. Boulders, firm non-weathered minerals/clay shale, mountainous rock chain, slag heaps from melting works, etc.

Type‍‍‍ 7

Directly Screw

Directly Scre‍‍‍w

Directly Screw





A GEO-TECHNICAL TEST and a PULL TEST are recommended for all projects.

Ground Screws






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