Malina Solar Structures is a division of Cargowall Limited, a roll-forming company with over 25 years of continuous operation. Not only do we manufacture solar structures and ground screw product lines, we have also designed and developed unique custom parts for more than 1,000 MW of installed solar power systems around the world.

We take great care in ensuring that all materials that we use, from galvanized steel anchors to our stainless steel and aluminum hardware, are produced and manufactured with top grade materials. Malina Solar Structures assures our customers that our products are engineered and manufactured with quality and precision.

Our time tested designs function in harsh conditions around the world, from heavy snow loads in the Rocky Mountains, to the blustery winds of plains and deserts, to the seismically active geography of Japan. North America also provides extensive challenges with its wide variation of soil conditions. Wherever your location, Malina Solar Structures recognizes the diverse weather and soil issues that could arise and will ensure that your solar project is durable and affordable.

About our Company